Peter wrote music to a fantastic poem by Wendell Berry called 'The Mad Farmer Liberation Front Manifesto'. The more the band read the lyrics, the more they realised that they agreed with what Wendell was saying and decided their musical project should be called 'The Mad Farmers Liberation Front'.

The Manifesto poem shines a spotlight on the flaws of our quick-profit consumer culture and calls for a more heart-based, earth-loving future - a message that reflects the band's own vision.

All three musicians have uprooted their hectic lives in Northern Europe and moved to Central Portugal to live in a way that is closer to nature and to the elements, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The lyrics reflect this change and this desire for a new way of life. The band is deeply concerned about the negative impact our crazy society has on the environment and on the human psyche.

Peter has been a keyboard player in many, many bands over his varied and interesting career in Holland and has influences from Jazz and Brazilian music amongst many others. Rob has been a drummer in many bands and is influenced by popular and rock music. Kin spent years busking the streets of the world and playing in bands. He plays Guitar and Violin - enjoying all styles but perhaps more influenced by folk and classical music. These threads of musical styles are woven together in the mixing pot that is 'The Mad Farmers Liberation Front'.

They have just finished recording their first album together 'Manifesto' at Peter's studio on the Mad Farm.